Its YOUR wedding day, and you have been planning every detail , from the order of service to the type of flowers used for decor, making sure your day looks exactly like you both desire. So why should your suit or tuxedo be any different?

We at ELLIS ESQ understand the need to stand out in a sea of suits and tuxedos, & from your initial complimentary consult to the delivery of your custom piece expect to be treaded like a king.

Our style esquires / master tailors will take the time to help uncover your wedding dreams. Together we will design and construct a masterpiece taking into consideration every detail you have requested. Providing you with access to some of the finest textiles from around the world & the ability to create anything you can imagine.

With an industry giving so much focus to the bride, it is our goal that while they cant keep their eyes of her, she wont be able to take her eyes of you.



  • Strong British Roped Shoulders 
  • Wider Lapel Options 
  • Visually Slimmer WaistLine
  • Hand Rolled Lapels 
  • Lower Button Hole to Lengthen Torso 
  • Higher Armhole Stance
  • Slimmer Sleeves 



Getting the groomsmen & team  in order is so easy with ELLIS ESQ. You have other things to worry about , so let us handle all of the logistics of their attire. From suiting to accessories , we will have them perfectly suited to stand beside your for the big day.  No matter where they may live, leave it up to our team connect, communicate and walk them through all steps to the perfect custom fit. 

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