To truly understand your needs, we want to work with you one on one. We request that you book an appointment with us online. We usually respond to you within one business day.

It takes time to get to know our clients. We normally allow for about two hours for our first consultation.

The term “bespoke”, dating back to 18th-century England, literally meant that a selection of fabric was ‘bespoken for’ a customer. Today, the term refers to a garment that is custom made for a customer without the use of a pre-existing pattern.

Our bespoke services are offered in person.  We cut the fabric for your garment only once your order is placed and your specific measurements are confirmed. Multiple fittings may be required.

Custom Services:

We will lead you down a path of vast customization options, from collars to cuffs, textiles to lining, allowing you to have a completely personalized piece. Once all information has been gathered and decisions made, a pattern will be created and the piece will begin construction. Many measurements are required but the outcome is a truly customized piece with a perfect fit.

Bespoke Service

With our bespoke service option, you will work with one tailor. Most of the work will be completed by hand, giving you limitless alterations to achieve your desired look. This option requires more time and is a bit more expensive; however, the bespoke treatment is one that you will want to experience at least once in your lifetime.

For our online Ellis-Inspired pieces and other online purchases it will take about 6 weeks after your measurements are received and confirmed.

Great question, and the answer is yes, most off our fabrics Samples can be purchased for $30.00 received within 7 business days. Given the high cost of some of our other fabrics, it isn’t always  feasible for our mills to send us individual samples. We are working hard to figure out how to make this possible for our online clients.   Ellis ESQ works only with the highest quality imported textiles.   Whatever you order, you can rest assured that it will look and feel great.

Ellis ESQ takes pride is providing great fitting, quality garments.  In the event that we have made an error ,we do not provide refunds,  but our clients can receive a replacement garment of equal or lesser value. OR receive a credit note for a later time.

In the event of other mishaps, our our discretion we may provide a 20% refund ( this is case sensitive )

We pride ourselves on the curation of fabrics from around the world. It takes quality to make quality.