Custom & Bespoke Garments . Perfectly Fit For You.

   With so much going on in the world,  process is everything and at Ellis ESQ we have made it as easy as 1,2,3.

Dress Shirts

Off-the-rack shirts simply put don't fit everyone, & so for the rest of us, we’ve all had to compromise. Sleeves too short, A collar too tight or the body way too baggy.

But now... ELLIS ESQ makes it easy to get a perfect-fitting custom shirt every time.

Suits, Jackets,
Pants,Vest & Outerwear.

Coupled with a more contemporary, slimmer silhouette, our garments maintain the traditional English handwork from Saville Row.

This includes smaller or no shoulder pads for a more natural shoulder, thinner lapels, and fun accent hand stitching. Custom just got a lot more fun with Ellis ESQ.

Red Carpet / Formal Wear

Where options are endless, you can never be overdressed or be out dressed at any event in Ellis ESQ.  

Known for manipulating dynamic textiles and interjecting them into your style & the cut of your garment. 

ELLIS ESQ where your style makes the statement for you & we provide the punctuation mark!